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Costumes for the end of year production and the competitions are hired by the students. The cost, depending on the source, is $15 to $20 per costume.

Charlesworth Walsh Dance Centre mothers club have an extensive wardrobe, suitable for all shapes, including:

  • Ballet costumes ie: tutus, classical and romantic, age appropriate.

  • National Character ie: Russian, Swiss, Hungarian etc.

  • Tap ie: modern, stylish suitable for selected theme of the item, age appropriate.

  • Jazz ie: up to date and various styles, age appropriate.

  • Contemporary ie: unitard, skirt, lycra dress, designed to allow full movement.

Costumes selected are age appropriate, well fitting and attractive. Students supply their own tights and shoes, and are responsible for their own makeup, hair pins, nets, gel etc.

Costumes are property of the Charlesworth Walsh dance centre and are returned after the performance for cleaning and safe storage.

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